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Patty  Frazee

Hammered dulcimer

Patty is the founding member of the Dedication Band. She never knew that
the request to  play her hammered dulcimer  for the "dedication" of the Log Post office
historical marker would lead her on this wonderful musical adventure. Patty enjoys playing
hammered dulcimer, lap dulcimer, harp, bowed psaltery, and other folk instruments.
She loves the historical tones and they are a perfect fit for the hammered dulcimer.

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June McCray
Lap dulcimer

I was born and grew up in Southern Louisiana in 1949. Growing up, I mostly listened to
 Country and Cajun music. I did not learn a musical instrument but belonged to the
choir in high school. I moved to Ohio in 1969 when I married my husband, Bill McCray.
 After our children were grown, we wanted to fill our time with something fun and exciting.
In 2005, we met Patty Frazee and Bill joined the Dedication Band playing all things
 percussion. From the other group members I heard about an instrument called the
 Mountain Dulcimer. Although hesitant, I purchased one and a few months later I also
 joined the band. Seven years later, I am having such fun learning and playing the dulcimer.

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Bill McCray
Irish drum & percussion

  I was born in Middletown, Ohio in 1946. I became interested in the drum when I was introduced to      band in the fourth grade. I played the drum all thru grade and middle school and orchestra throughout high school. In the Air Force, I played with the drum and bugle corps. In 2005 Marni Squire  introduced me to the Dedication Band. I joined the group and enjoy playing various drums from around the world.

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Growing up, my older brothers took piano lessons and I wanted to do it too.
I started piano lessons around age 9. I continued on and off with those lessons
through the years. In elementary school I took a liking to the orchestra and started
playing the violin. In middle school there was a need for students to play the viola, so I
stuck with the viola thru high school. During those years I was a part of the Middletown Youth
Symphony. After high school I stopped playing the viola and continued with the piano.
About a decade later I had gotten back into my music and started to relearn the violin.
I was continuously harassed by my Momma June to join the Dedication Band. One
day I decided what the heck and sat in with these wonderful people, and I have been with
them since.

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John Brown

I am a retired U.S. Army Military Intelligence Command Sergent
Major and a retired Major from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation
and Corrections. I am a graduate of Hocking College and Wilmington
College. I became a member of the Dedication Band In Jan. 2006 after
receiving a marimbula from my Daughter at Christmas in 2005. This has
been the most rewarding activity during my life time.

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Richard Brown

I have been playing the guitar for a while.  I was first inspired to play from
songs of John Denver.  I enjoy my 4 children and grand-child. I am presently a realtor
with Coldwell Banker Oyer.  If you ever need a friend in the real estate business
feel free to contact me at 513 267-8239.

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Joy Plymyer

Hammered dulcimer

I was born and reared in the Dayton, Ohio area and am the proud Mother of three wonderful sons.
Following a teaching career in the area of Special Education, I married the man of my dreams.
Jim and I make our home in Virginia.  Playing in the band with this treasured group of
musicians  brings me great joy.!!

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Bob Frazee

Bob Frazee began his Dedication Band career as the photographer, sound man and
all round gopher/roadee. Three years ago after hearing his wife’s lament that the band
needed a low sustain sound, Bob finally caved and joined instrumentalist  in the band by
taking up the cello.

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Anne Robbins

Anne is one of the founding members of the Dedication Band.   She is an accomplished
harp player and her rhythmic patterns adds another layer to the band’s sound.  Anne
is the heart and soul of the band, her Spirit of fun and music is contagious.

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Nancy Roszell
Flute and Oboe

I began playing the flute as a fourth-grader in Muncie, Indiana and was a band geek throughout high school. When I went to college at Washington University in St. Louis, I packed my flute away and did not play it for the next two decades. Only when my daughter Kate began playing the flute (far more successfully than I ever did!) was my interest renewed. I began playing again with the Clinton County Community Band in Wilmington and picked up the oboe along the way.
I have just joined The Dedication Band in the summer of 2013 and am enjoying my new musical friends. Our public performances are great fun because people are out for good times with family and friends, and they always have questions for us about our music, our instruments, and our costumes!

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